6 Little Greenhouse Kits You Can Build Yourself

Small greenhouses add immediate appeal to any outdoor area. The timeless glass walls and roofs produce an enclosed space to keep plants safe and warm during the entire year. You may purchase a kit and construct these structures yourself, which lowers the total cost and makes delivery a great deal simpler. Greenhouse kits are found at several superstores or hardware shops in various styles, sizes, and finishes. Take a look at a few of our favorite kits for smaller greenhouses.

Small Greenhouse Kits
Small Greenhouse Kits

Palram Nature Greenhouse

This freestanding greenhouse is the best size for any hobby outdoor gardener. The clear panels help regulate the interior temperature, and a roof vent helps with airflow and humidity. The door can be secured, assisting keep garden pests from plants and garden supplies. The green aluminum frame can be rust-resistant.

Palram Oasis Hex 7×8 Greenhouse

Tired of visiting greenhouses all with the same silhouette? Try this hexagonal choice together with the circular appearance of a gazebo. Double doors lead to an open space with loads of wall space to fill with plants. The framework is constructed from rust-resistant aluminum, and the foundation is made of sturdy solid steel.

The window panels are made from clear polycarbonate. Louvre windows have slats that open and shut for better management over temperature, air-flow, and humidity. There’s also a gutter system build in the plan.

Janssens Junior Orangerie Greenhouse Kit

This little greenhouse kit is made with thick black aluminum framing and includes Victorian-inspired metallic roof cresting. Tempered glass panels maintain the structure insulated and clean. The panels are also sealed with rubber to keep heat inside. Two roof windows provide venting and can be opened with an automatic opener. This layout has a sliding glass door, big cutters, plus a lipped foundation bit.

Mini Sunshine Gardenhouse

This condensed greenhouse will give you the space you need without taking over the lawn. Most small greenhouses on the market have metal frames, but this garden house has a natural redwood frame. The foundation is constructed of recycled plastic simulated wood and does not require a base as any other greenhouses do. Polycarbonate panels fill in the walls, Dutch-style doorway, roof vents, and foundation vents. The vents include an automatic opener.

Outdoor Living Today Western Red Cedar Greenhouse

For a more natural look, go for a wood-framed greenhouse. This version uses Western red cedar for the framing and side paneling. While assembly is necessary, all the wood pieces are precut. There is one heat-activated roof vent and a couple of lower wall vents that may be opened manually. A Dutch-style door also helps with ventilation.

Within is an L-shaped workbench, which makes it easy to work on and store potted plants. The framing substances come unstained, making it easy to accomplish the look and color desired.

Grandio Element 6×4 Fundamental

This timeless greenhouse comes with all the bells and whistles that you want to begin in the garden. Besides an easy-assembly arrangement made from aluminum framing and polycarbonate panels, it includes plant figurines, a trellis kit, a drip kit, and a cleaner for the greenhouse. It includes a flat-mount foundation kit which will help to anchor the greenhouse.

There’s an automatic vent opener to get the roofing window, and the construction is constructed with rain gutters. Two narrow sliding doors are easy to open and shut.

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