How to Clean Toilet Plunger?

How to Clean Toilet Plunger – If you give a lot of care to keeping your bathroom super clean, why would you neglect the tools that get the job done?

Just like other scrubbing tools, bathroom gadgets like your toilet brush and plunger need to be cleaned frequently.

How to Clean Toilet Plunger?

How to Clean Toilet Plunger

Toilet brushes and plungers do dirty jobs so keeping them clean should be of top importance. Here in this article, you will learn how you can clean a toilet brush and plunger easily, without using harmful chemicals.

Why Should You Clean a Toilet Brush?

It’s perhaps the dirtiest thing in your bathroom. Not at all, it’s not the toilet or even the toilet handle. It’s the toilet plunger. There are numerous ways to clean a toilet plunger, but according to Benjamin Franklin, a sanitation company, the calmest way to clean your toilet plunger is to soak it straight in a disinfectant right in your toilet bowl.

Since toilet plungers can harbor plenty of nasty germs and bacteria including E. coli and salmonella, cleaning your toilet plunger is significant. That dirty toilet plunger can spread those germs and bacteria to everything it comes in and interacts with.

Now, To clean your toilet plunger, all you’ll require is some liquid chlorine bleach, and to keep your bathroom spic-n-span and germ-free, you perhaps remember to add jobs like cleaning the toilet, shower, and bathroom floors to your daily cleaning checklist. But how frequently do you think about cleaning your toilet brush? Probably not on that list, right?

But you should add this tool to your cleaning to-dos, since like toilets, toilet brushes can be a carrier for germs. In fact, the Society for Practical Microbiology states that in 4 out of 6 households tested, salmonella was found under the rims of toilet bowls.

Even though you can use your toilet brush to scrub those germs from your toilet bowl, without consistent cleaning and sanitizing of the bristles, your brush can spread foul germs each time you use it.

Some people like to use chlorine bleach to sterilize their toilet brushes, and there’s nothing wrong with that in moderation. But, if you favor an eco-friendly, natural method to cleaning and sanitizing your toilet brush bristles, you simply need to follow these simple steps to keep your toilet brush clean—obviously.

How to Clean Toilet Plunger?

You need to wear defensive gloves and move towels, rugs, and anything else you don’t wish to splash bleach on, out of the way.

  • First, you need to pour about three cap fulls of liquid chlorine bleach straight into your toilet bowl.
  • Then, you need to Insert the toilet plunger into the bleach/water and swirl it around.
  • After that, you need to wait for a minute or two of swirling, flush the toilet and rinse the plunger in fresh toilet water.
  • The plunger is now fresh and lets it dry completely in the tub or shower and then put away.
  • Now, to simply keep germs and bacteria at bay, repeat this process every time you use your toilet plunger.

You will be able to use 5-percent apple cider vinegar in place of the liquid chlorine bleach. Just simply pour a big quantity of vinegar (1 to 2 cups should do it) into the toilet and follow the same procedure as you would with bleach.

What are the Benefits Of a Clean Toilet Plunger?

If you know how you can clean your toilet plunger is a big confidence booster. It also supports you to sleep at night if you’re having visitors over soon you don’t have to worry about anyone glimpsing a dirty plunger. One more item in your home will no longer be a decaying nest of disease-causing awfulness. Once you have learned how you can clean your toilet plunger, it will be a big boost to your self-esteem. This is a gateway DIY project. Once you learn how you can clean your toilet plunger, you’ll have the sureness that you’re ready for superior and more complex DIY projects, like changing the oil on your car or constructing a treehouse.

FAQs on How to Clean Toilet Plunger:

  • Do you clean a plunger after use?

Therefore, to be most actual at eliminating harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses, you should both CLEAN and SANITIZE your plunger after using it.

  • How often should you change your plunger?

you’ll perhaps get a few years out of your plunger, but it will be a bit more obvious when to replace them. It’s considered to create a vacuum. Therefore, if it can’t plunge anymore, it’s time to just replace it.

  • What to do with the plunger after you use it?

You simply need to apply your go-to disinfectant both to the plunger itself and the toilet bowl and allow the plunger to soak in the toilet water full of disinfectant for at least 10 minutes.

  • How often should you change your toilet seat?

While a toilet naturally lasts at least 15 years, toilet seats last only about 5 to 7 years before they begin to crack or become discolored to the point that, no matter how hard you scrub, they no lengthier appear clean. That’s when it’s time to reflect on replacement.

  • What is the finest kind of toilet plunger?

Rubber is the finest because it’s elastic, long-lasting, and doesn’t leave marks on the toilet bowl. Select synthetic rubber if you don’t like the smell of natural rubber. simply Go for the T-handle. A plunger with a straight handle will work just fine, and some replicas feature plastic grips molded for easy gripping.

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