How to Block Out Low Frequency Noise?

How to Block Out Low Frequency Noise – Hearing low-frequency noise can be irritating thing for every person. But if this is happening for a long time then you might face some serious health problems.

According to the report of MDPI The Open Journals in July 2020, the association of low frequency can develop cause physical and mental problems like sleep disorders, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and a lot more.

That’s why before getting any of these health problems blocking out this low-frequency noise becomes so vital. But if you think using a white noise machine or any appliance will fix this problem. Then this is never going to occur. You need to make some variations to your house.

Therefore, it can become a flawless barrier to block out low-frequency noise outside of your house. But how can you do that? you simply need to read this article completely.

How to Block Out Low Frequency Noise?

How to Block Out Low Frequency Noise

Because we have discovered some ways how you can block out this thing. Similarly, we explained what low frequency really is and how you can find its source of it.

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What Is Low-Frequency Noise?

Low-frequency noise also named a bass, is a group of low-frequency sound waves that cover the 10Hz to 200Hz range of the pitch.

That’s why hearing this kind of pitch can be problematic. But you can certainly feel this unpleasant noise.

This kind of sound wave is typically formed from an amp electric guitar, generator, boilers, fans, heavy traffic, stereo subwoofers, and so on. Most of the time if you are living in a flat then it is coming from your neighbors.

Though, this is the part of high-frequency sound waves when it goes lower. But this can pass over any sort of barrier until it is too thick. That’s why blocking out this low-frequency noise becomes so significant. But if you wish to get a better result then you need to find its source.

Where The Low-Frequency Noise Is Coming from?

Before undertaking any soundproofing inside your house first you need to check where this low-frequency noise is coming from.

Therefore, you can do this in a much more decent way. But low-frequency sound waves are pretty long and can spread from a very long distance from you.

That’s why the noise comes privately from your house or your neighbors. Then you can find the source of it and try a way to shut off this thing. But if you can’t then you only need to focus on obstructive out these sound waves. But what are those ways? That’s why you need to read below.

How can you Block Out Low-Frequency Noise: 10 Simple Ways

  1. Use Fiberglass Insulation

So, if you are extremely concerned about blocking out this noise from your house and ready to invest in your house.

Then you should rebuild your house walls for installing the fiberglass insulation. Because it is made from thousands of fine glass atoms accessible in three types; blanket, loose-fill, and rigid boards.

Not only sound waves but when you install this fiberglass insulation will preserve the temperature from inside your house. As an outcome, whether it is summer or winter you can live in your comfort. Though you should install it on your outside wall you can also add it to your interior wall.

That’s why if you are exactly living in a room and want to make it soundproof to block these low-frequency sound waves. Then this will also not need much investment.

  1. Consider Mass Loaded Vinyl

if you don’t have that much budget for rebuilding your entire house or a precise room. Then having a thin layer of mass-loaded vinyl between the present wall or a new wall is a decent thing.

This will add extra mass to your wall or ceiling which will help for soundproofing the house. Though this will not block out the low frequency it will decrease them all.

Therefore, the result of getting worse health problems will be ended. But keep in your mind that mass-loaded vinyl is a sound-absorbing material, not soundproofing.

this will reduce the low frequencies by absorbing them. however, the frequencies are coming from the ceiling, wall, and even the floor.

  1. Install Resilient Channel

Typically, the low frequency can be formed from solid surfaces. But occasionally if the vibrations are too much then you can also hear the low-frequency sound waves coming from it. Though, producing this kind of vibration from any home appliance is not possible.

That’s why there might be a chance that your ceiling is vibrating. So, if you want to fix it then you need to install a resilient channel before the drywall.

This will make a gap between the ceiling and the drywall. This will remove the vibrations coming from the ceiling.

we know installing the resilient channel on your ceiling needs removing the drywall. But without doing this you can’t fix this thing also if the low-frequency noise is making vibrations from your ceiling. Then you can get rid of it.

  1. Double Your Drywall

As we all know drywall is the thickest layer external to your wall. That will guard you against the noise as well as it will increase the look of your house.

That’s why installing drywall is a good thing other than anything else. But it should need a timber wood house, not concrete so keep it in your mind.

That’s why you can’t find the cause of the low-frequency noise inside or outside of your house. Then wasting your time on this, again and again, is foolish. All you need is just to try to make your wall as thick as likely. Therefore, low-frequency sound waves can’t come inside your house.


We have shared everything about ways to Block Out Low-Frequency Noise in this article on “How to Block Out Low Frequency Noise” you if the info that we shared above helped you in any way then do share it with others.