DIY vs Professional Carpet Stain Removal: 5 Reasons to Go With the Pros

Are you looking for an easier way to maintain your nice new carpet? Now you might be wondering, why should I have it cleaned when I have a good pair of hands? It’s nothing a little elbow grease, soap, and baking soda won’t fix, right?

If spills and messes are an ornery thing in your household, it’s more cost-efficient to learn how to clean the carpet yourself.

Doing it yourself may be tempting. However, you risk using the wrong technique or the wrong cleaning product. You might end up using too much or too little.

Getting the job done right doesn’t always mean doing it by yourself! Professional carpet stain removal could be the best option. Here’s why you should forego the DIY methods and hire a professional carpet cleaner.

1. Price

Most of the time, in repair, you get what you pay for. DIYs are encouraging because of how affordable they can get. Moreover, you gain experience whether or not you succeed or fail.

Carpet installed on your floor is another ball game. They are more permanent structures you don’t want to risk damaging. If you damage one part of your carpet, you may need to replace a lot of square footage.

While you may think you’re saving money on DIY methods, you may end up cashing out for a new carpet instead. A dirty carpet is not only a sore sight in your living room. Certain stains could result in harmful chemical fumes wafting throughout your home.

Knowing how to get stains out of a carpet is a worthy skill, especially if messes are common. However, leave this to the professionals. It costs less to have your carpet cleaned by professionals rather than to replace it.

Quality carpets can get pretty expensive. Even if it isn’t the $5.5 million Pearl Carpet of Baroda, it still demands care. The money you spend on a professional job is money you save from replacement if your DIY goes wrong.

2. Efficiency

Remember that you are paying for their service as well as their experience. Experience is the main difference between DIY vs professional carpet cleaners. Get rid of the trial and error by approaching those who have gone before you.

Professional carpet stain removal services have seen it all. They’ve seen the paint spills, jelly stains, and the freaky ectoplasmic goop that you think gained sentience while you were out for groceries.

They know how to handle the worst of stains and have an arsenal of chemicals and equipment. DIYs get expensive not only because of slip-ups but because of a lack of materials.

When you hire a professional carpet cleaning service, you can rest assured they’re equipped with the right vacuums and solvents. Your wet dry vacuum won’t know what hit them.

The best part is, many providers don’t limit their services to carpet cleaning. A professional service can also help you deep clean your draperies and upholstery.

Not only is their arsenal complete, but they also know what to do with it. Do you trust yourself with chemicals without knowing how they work? Avoid the health risks of playing chemist in a DIY project.

3. Care

Scrubbing without care or using the wrong cleaning product is one way to zap the life out of your carpet.

Professionals know the best carpet cleaners and the matching equipment for each texture. You no longer have to worry about using too little or too many cleaning chemicals. You don’t have to think about if the cleaning solution is incompatible with your carpet.

They’ve cleaned enough square footage to know what techniques to use to restore and preserve your carpet’s glory. Many also have the proper certification to prove they’ve got what it takes to handle the job.

4. Cleanliness

Carpets are fluffy, cozy, and feel great on the toes. However, did you know that carpets are generally very unclean? They harbor over 200,000 bacteria for every square inch and can seriously impact your respiratory health.

Unfortunately, our cozy home additions tend to trap pollutants, bacteria, mold spores, and dust. Particulate matter settles into carpets. This permeates your living room with invisible microscopic enemies.

Professional cleaning not only retains your carpet’s lively colors. They also provide sanitation services.

Do you have the stomach and the equipment to best the dust mites? Can you handle the MERSA, salmonella, E. Coli, and mold? You also risk disturbing allergens, cockroach matter, pesticides, and dust mites.

Cleaning isn’t just for aesthetics. Professional carpet stain removal services go beyond restoring the fluff and bounce of your carpet. Equipped with the proper safety gear, they eradicate mess and bacteria hiding in the fibers.

Check out routine cleaning and maintenance to keep those critters and debris under control. If all else fails and spills and messes are your daily demon, opt for more resistant carpets.

5. Assurance

If you mess up your DIY, you have no one to blame but yourself. You kick yourself in the shin and begrudgingly shell out money for a replacement.
A cleaning company has more at stake. When you hire a cleaning service, they put their company name and reputation on the line.

For more valuable or irreplaceable carpets, some services offer property insurance. Give yourself the peace of mind that your carpet is in good hands.

Why You Should Choose Professional Carpet Stain Removal Services

Professional carpet stain removal gets rid of stains, worries, and unwanted expenses. Make the most of the situation and avail of services, equipment, and experience others can provide. You don’t need to worry about using the wrong cleaning solution or brush ever again.

Thank you for reading our article! The floor beneath your feet is as important as the roof above your head. To learn more about home maintenance and repair services, check out our other blog posts.