5 Things to Know About Installing a Loft During Your Home Renovation

When adding an extension as part of a home renovation, one of the first questions a builder will ask you is what type of roof you want.

It’s a bit of a curveball for most of us. After all, how many of us can honestly say we spend our spare time thinking about the merits of different styles of roofs? How you answer will shape the rest of your build.

If you don’t want a flat roof, you’ll need to decide what to do with the roof space. There are two choices: high ceilings or a loft. If you opt for the latter, here are five things you’ll need to know before you begin installing a loft.

1. DIY or Professional?

Adding a loft area can be tricky if you lack building experience. You’ll need to do everything from scratch, including the wooden posts and beams.

It’s not a job you want to get wrong, as the loft floor needs to be sturdy enough to support plenty of weight. So before you get started, decide whether it would be better to hire a professional.

2. Your Budget

Set aside a budget before you begin, and think about what you can afford rather than what you would like to spend.

Loft space isn’t an area where you can cut many corners financially. It needs to be functional and structurally sound.

3. A Loft Ladder

A small loft might only need a basic ladder, but you’ll need to think about the space this will take up in the room below, including handrails.

You’ll also need to decide if you want a permanent ladder or stairs to the loft, or a retractable ladder. The latter is a cheaper option, but proper stairs will be best if you regularly intend to access your attic.

4. Insulation

Don’t forget about proper insulation. Even if you don’t plan on using your loft for living space, high-quality insulation is essential. It will help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the house and reduce energy bills.

You’ll also need to decide what insulation material you want to use. Traditional wool insulation is easy to install, and eco-friendly recycled options are hugely popular.

5. Storage or Living Space?

Finally, when evaluating loft installation ideas, think about whether you will use your loft for extra storage or whether you might need it as a living space. The latter will require a more complicated loft conversion, including loft windows.

A standard storage loft is a cheaper alternative and quicker to construct. Always get a professional company like instaloft.co.uk to measure and quote for your loft space to help compare prices.

Don’t Forget About Loft Space in Your Home Renovation

It’s easy for the glamorous parts of a home renovation to take all your attention, and you might forget about the importance of planning your loft. But a great loft is a valuable extra space for your house.

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