The Latest Trend In Bathroom Vanities

The latest trends in bathroom vanities are floating cabinets and matte black finishes. Floating vanities and cabinets with integrated sinks are popular additions. In addition, these new features may be hidden beneath the shower curtain. Floating cabinets and vanities are also a great way to add storage space to your bathroom. But before you buy one, make sure you know what you’re getting into! These trends are changing the way we look at bathroom vanities!

Matte black

The sleek, contemporary look of matte black bathroom vanities is gaining momentum in the modern world. Black fixtures such as faucets and towel bars make bathrooms look sleek and stylish. It also complements clean lines and streamlined design. This bathroom vanities Brookfield, WI is particularly appealing to people who prefer minimal, streamlined design and enjoy a vintage feel. Choosing dark shades such as black will give your bathroom a Neo-Victorian sense, while matte black looks warm and adds to the spa-like feeling of the room.

Among other advantages of matte black bathroom fixtures, this color is impervious to smears, scratches, and fingerprints. Unlike chrome faucets, matte black faucets and showerheads don’t show traces of water stains, making them ideal for children’s bathrooms. Additionally, matte black fixtures are easy to clean. Simply wipe them with a microfiber cloth to restore the luster. Despite its matte finish, this color is versatile and complements many color schemes in the bathroom.

Floating vanities

Floating bathroom vanities have several benefits. First, they can make your bathroom appear larger than it is. Secondly, they can be installed at a lower height for a kid’s bathroom. This way, there’s room underneath for a stepping stool. Finally, floating vanities are more comfortable to clean. And they can be mounted at different heights.

They are also available in different colors and wood finishes. You can choose a vanity with matching hardware, mirror, and tile flooring. Floating bathroom vanities have a more elegant feel with modern, minimalist decors. However, keeping the sink pipes out of sight will ruin the floating effect. Instead, you should opt for a vanity with an integrated sink to keep the floating effect. Floating bathroom vanities are perfect for small bathrooms.

Integrated sinks

Integrated sinks are the perfect way to give your bathroom a sleek look. They blend seamlessly into your vanity and countertop, with minimal seams and a more aesthetic look. Integrated sinks are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes and can be customized to match your bathroom decor. In addition, these vanities are trendy in kitchens, where they can be made to fit your particular needs.

Compared to traditional bathroom vanities, integrated sinks have several benefits. They can streamline your remodeling process and create a unified backdrop for your plumbing fixtures. Besides being easier to clean, these vanities can help you achieve your dream bathroom and save you money in the long run. 

Floating cabinets

You’ve probably seen the floating cabinets. You’ve probably seen the floating cabinets if you’re looking for new bathroom vanity. The floating cabinets look elegant and sleek, and they allow you to adjust the height of the vanity. They also provide plenty of storage space below. These vanities are becoming increasingly popular, and you may want to try them.:

While freestanding vanities are still popular, floating cabinets offer a seamless, minimalist look. They also add a touch of luxury. They also work in retro or minimalist bathrooms. You can find them in all shapes and sizes, and they’ll work for any style. Of course, this new trend isn’t for everyone. It all depends on your needs and priorities. But if you like the sleek, airy feel of floating cabinets, you might want to consider it.

Industrial style

Consider industrial-style bathroom vanities if you’re remodeling your bathroom and want to make a bold statement. The industrial style emphasizes the raw materials in a bathroom, such as wood and metal. Magnolia’s Joanna Gaines even designed her industrial bathroom vanity, incorporating the style with a contemporary design. Exposed pipes and pipework often characterize the industrial look. Smith Hanes Studio’s steel vanity features an oversize mirror, while the Joanna Gaines bathroom design is an excellent example of this design.

A bathroom can benefit from an industrial theme with a concrete countertop sink. Though concrete is hefty and requires professional installation, it gives off an extremely industrial look. You can also use concrete to achieve an industrial look for the shower walls. A gray concrete wall and black shower fixtures provide a stark contrast to the room’s minimalistic feel. A patterned floor tile and recessed wall shelf set the tone for the overall industrial-style bathroom.