Sweep It Up: Where Are Elgin Sweepers Made?

Have you ever walked along the sidewalk and noticed a sweeping truck picking up debris from a storm? Maybe you got stuck in traffic as a sweeper disposed of trash.

We’ve grown so accustomed to seeing the sweepers, we often forget that they have an origin. The most popular sweep trucks on the market today are Elgin Sweepers, designed by a company that celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014.

These vehicles have a fascinating history and continue to develop in the present. In this article, we’ll explore some of that history and how Elgin reached its current prominence. So, if you’ve ever wondered where these sweepers came from, read on to find out!

The Beginning of Elgin Sweepers

Every good story has a beginning, and this company is no exception. Elgin sweepers originated in Kane County, Illinois. John Murphy, a citizen in the town of Elgin, grew concerned at the level of pollution he saw in the streets.

Murphy understood that this street debris risked severe health hazards. While he may not have been the first to recognize these risks, he was the first to do something about them.

Murphy was an early enthusiast of the automobile, a new technological innovation brought about by Henry Ford. Using this vehicle as a model, Murphy created a similar machine that helped clear debris from the road.

Initial Success

In 1915, the company that would eventually become Elgin Street Sweeper Co. sold 15 sweepers. In 1917, they sold 42. As the company grew, they began operating near Fox River in Elgin.

By the mid-1960s, Elgin relocated to its current address at 1300 W. Bartlett Rd. This location is on Elgin’s southeast side.

In 1922, the Elgin sweeper had reached a broad market. It became so successful that the group broke from American Tower and Tank Company, officially becoming its own entity.

Sixty years after this break, the Elgin Sweeper became the acquisition of Federal Signal Corp. This organization is a leading product designer and manufacturer in the global market.

Today’s Top Models

As you’d expect, Elgin Sweeper models today have come a long way from their 1915 ancestors. Several types of Elgin sweepers currently exist, each with distinct features.

One example of these new models is the Elgin Crosswind. This model performs excellently on flatter surfaces, making it one of the leading Elgin parking lot sweepers. Its top-notch fuel efficiency allows it to run for lengthy periods.

Elgin Eagle street sweepers are another leading model. One of its most popular features is its hybrid-electric design, demonstrating Elgin’s commitment to lowering carbon emissions.

Finally, Elgin Pelican sweepers also help preserve a clean space. These models follow a design similar to the earliest sweepers with quality maneuverability and serviceability.

Find Sweepers for Sale

If your facility needs a reliable sweeper, you can rely on Elgin Sweepers to get the job done. Search Elgin Pelican sweepers for sale to find small, maneuverable vehicles to clean your area!

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