Is Now a Good Time to Sell Your Home? 4 Tell-Tale Signs to Look For

A house becomes a home when a family creates memories there. The family can be big and full of children or a single person and their pet. The experiences you have in a house and the happiness and comfort you find there is what makes it your home.

After enjoying your home for several years, you could start to wonder if it’s time to sell your home. Although its walls provided a wonderful place for you and your family to live throughout the years, it may be time to move on to something better suited for you. Are you not sure if it’s time to sell your home?

Continue reading for a list of several signs that now’s the time to sell!

1. The Size of the Home No Longer Suits You

Whether your family’s growing or moving out of the home, the size of it may no longer suit your needs. Do you find yourself struggling to fit everyone’s personal belongings in the house? Are family members crowded on top of one another when in the kitchen or living room?

It’s time for a bigger home!

If you have children leaving for college or moving out, and you’re left with too much space, then it could be time to downsize. Both are great reasons to begin staging your home to sell.

2. Your Home’s Upkeep Is Overwhelming

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed with how much maintenance your home needs on a regular basis? Not only do you need to keep up with the cleaning tasks inside the home, but you also need to maintain the yard and make minor and major repairs as they come up.

If you’re no longer able to keep up with the home’s maintenance, then it’s time to look for something smaller or in less need of repairs and regular maintenance (smaller yard, no pool).

3. It’s a Seller’s Market

If you’re already playing with the idea of selling, then a seller’s market is a great reason to get the ball rolling. Although you can sell your home yourself, choosing to work with Home Realty realtors will help you sell your home quickly, effortlessly, and for the best price. Realtors have knowledge about the local housing market and know when it’s a seller’s market and when it’s not.

They’ll be able to give you all the best tips about selling a home at the right time.

4. You Have Positive Equity on the Home

If you have positive equity on the home and are thinking about selling, then it’s time to put those thoughts into action! Positive equity on a home means you owe less on your mortgage than what the home’s worth. This means that once you sell the home and pay off the remaining balance on your mortgage, you’ll have money left over to cover the closing costs.

Ideally, you’ll also have enough money left over for a down payment on your new home.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Home?

Do you think you’re ready to sell your home? If you’ve noticed any of these signs listed above, then it could be time for you to sell. Always consider the idea when the size of the home no longer provides what you need, when it’s overwhelming to keep up with, or when it’s a seller’s market!

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