1500 Sq Ft House Design for Middle Class

1500 Sq Ft House Design for Middle Class – Did you know that living large doesn’t essentially mean “bigger is better,” and numerous homeowners are realizing the same? Certainly! From quaint cottages to practical yet contemporary homes, you can get numerous varieties in 1500 sqft house plans. In addition to that, you can also get creative by adding the number of rooms or reducing the rooms and additional spaces per your condition.

Here in this article, we have offered you an array of 1500 sqft house plans that will give you an idea about how to design your own home.

1500 Sq Ft House Design for Middle Class

1500 Sq Ft House Design for Middle Class

If you want to know more about 1500 sq. ft house design for the middle class then read this article carefully.

Here are some of the Finest 1500 Sq Ft House Design for Middle Class: 

1500 sqft homes come in numerous house styles while being economical or fancy. How you wish your House to look depends on the homeowner’s condition. 

  • 1500 Sq. Ft House Plan with Parking Space:

The 1500 square feet house has a parking area in the front of the House, which gives entry into a square living room. A kitchen and a dining room are there side by side with a minor store room attached to the kitchen. This House has three bedrooms, and the main bedroom has an attached bathroom. There is also a mutual toilet between the two other bedrooms. You will also find a staircase outside the house.

  • 1500 Sq. Ft House Plan with Parking Space:

This is a 1500 sq. ft 3 BHK house with a minor entrance. The portico supports to enter the House with the kitchen on the right and the main bedroom with an involved toilet on the left. Their small lane enters a big hall with stairs to go upstairs to one corner. There is a visitor’s bedroom with an attached bathroom, a children’s bedroom, and a drawing room. A common bathroom is between the children’s bedroom and the drawing room.

  • Single BHK 1500 Square Feet House Plan:

This is a 1500 sqft BHK house idea with a pooja room. The House has a minor sit which enters into a roomy hall with a pooja room in one corner. You can also find a primary bedroom near the hall with a close bathroom. There is a kitchen area with a dining area linked to it. The House also has a staircase outside the house with a bathroom beneath.

  • 1500 Square Feet 2 BHK House Design:

This is a 1500 sqft 2BHK house plan with a roomy entrance that enters a square hall and a guest bedroom. The hall has a small pooja room, and the visitor’s bedroom has an attached bathroom. The hall is added and connected to a kitchen and dining space linked to each other. A primary bedroom comes with a committed bathroom and a separate wardrobe. There is a common bathroom and staircase from external the House.

  • 1500 Sq. Ft House Design for the Middle Class:

The 1500 sqft 2BHK house plan has a minor entrance with a sit-out area. The sit-out area arrives in a square-shaped hall with a small pooja room. There is a kitchen with a dining area connected to it. The House has two bedrooms with devoted bathrooms and a dressing area. All the rooms have windows keeping the home ventilated sufficiently. There are stairs outside the House.

  • 1500 Sq. Ft House Plans Indian Style:

This is a single-story craftsman-style design of 1500 sqft. This House has three bedrooms, and two of them have devoted bathrooms. The House has a family room with a cathedral ceiling. It also has a kitchen right alongside the family room. The dining space unlocks into a deck or patio. The House also has a garage planetary.

  • 2 Bhk House Plan in 1500 Sq. Ft:

This 1500 sqft 2BHK house has a garage where you will be able to park two parks. The House also has two bedrooms; the primary bedroom has an attached toilet and a shared bathroom. A great room is also accessible in the middle of the House, with a staircase to the area below the House. The home also comes with a kitchen cum dining space. There is a deck linked to the dining area.

  • Modern 1500 Sq. Ft House Design:

This 3BHK House has a built-up area of 1500 sqft and has a minor porch. The porch enters into a family room or the hall. There is a kitchen and dining area linked to each other. The House has three bedrooms, and the main bedroom has an attached toilet. It also has a minor utility room between the third bedroom and the family room. This House also has a roomy garage.

  • 1500 Sqft House Plan also with a Garage:

This is another three BHK 1500 sqft house plan with a roomy garage. There are three bedrooms; the main bedroom has a luxurious bathroom, and the second bedroom also has a bedroom. There is a kitchen that is linked to a dining space. The House is well-ventilated and has roomy rooms.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) at 1500 Sq Ft House Design for Middle Class:

  • Is a 1500 Sqft House Measured Big or Small?

Ans: A 1500 sqft house is measured as ‘midsize,’ neither big nor small. Couples planning to start a family to view a place in 1500 sqft.

  • How many bedrooms can you build in a 1500 sqft house?

Ans: You can easily plan a two to three-bedroom layout on a typical 1500 sqft floor. You can also decide how large or wide the room will be if you design the House manually.

  • What kinds of houses are popular in 1500 sqft?

Ans: Liable on your tastes, craftsman, modern farmhouse, and ranch are some of the most famous floor plans for 1500 sqft homes.

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